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Our Virtual Finals will be held on May 2nd, 2015.  Tune in to watch our FREE Virtual Webcast featuring the winners of the North Territory Finals vs. the South Territory Finals.  

Teams will compete for a chance to win it all…the rings, the banner, the honor, THE ONE!


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Simply the Best!

Our North and South Finals are available to FIRST PLACE TEAMS ONLY!  Teams must earn a Bid a one of our Bid Qualifying Events to be able to register.  Every team that attends THE ONE FINALS will already be a Champion.  Teams that emerge from our Territory Finals will advance into our Virtual Finals, where they can ultimately be crowned…THE ONE!

Chasing the Bid!

PAID PLUS Bids - The PAID PLUS Bid includes ALL team registration fees AND hotel accommodations for team members plus two coaches!

PAID Bids:  The PAID Bid includes ALL team registration fees!

AT-LARGE Bids:  The AT-LARGE Bid includes an INVITATION into our exclusive event and is awarded to FIRST PLACE TEAMS only!

Bring your Entire Program!

ONE2ONE is a unique concept that allows coaches to bring more teams to the NORTH and SOUTH TERRITORY FINALS, where teams can have one last chance to win and qualify into THE ONE FINALS.  You can also bring your prep teams to compete in our exclusive Prep Championship.  Here’s how it works:

  • If any team in your program receives and accepts a Bid into THE ONE, this allows any/all of your remaining teams to enter ONE2ONE.  Additionally, if your entire program attends one of our Qualifying Events earlier in the season, then your entire program will become eligible to register for ONE2ONE.
  • Only All-Star Cheer and Dance Teams that win 1st place at ONE2ONE are eligible to move on to THE ONE FINALS.
  • If you are bringing your entire program (which includes a Prep Team), ONE2ONE will be hosting a separate PREP CHAMPIONSHIP Saturday morning.  Prep Teams must have competed in the Prep Category for the entire 2014-2015 season to be eligible for this championship. 


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